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    1. How do I get into reQuiem?
    If you're interested in joining reQuiem, you've come to the right website. In the 'Recruitment' section of these forums, post an application with the required details and you're well on your way. While waiting for the application to go through, spend some time on Vent, play a few games with us and let us get to know you a bit better.

    2. Am I allowed on Vent if I'm not a member of reQuiem?

    Definitely. It's great to meet new people, even if you're not interested in joining at all. Feel free to bring friends on every now and then too.

    The Ventrlio details are:
    Port: 3837

    3. Yay! Wolvey and Scrub let me into reQ! I can wear my tags anywhere right?
    Afraid not. The reQuiem community is really a number of different 'clans' which exist separately from one another. For example, the Cod2 division of reQuiem is completely separate from the AoE team. As such, if you get accepted into the team for one game, you can wear your tags in that game and that game only.

    4. I can only be in one team?
    Not at all. You can be in as many of the divisions as you like depending on your interests. Having said that, you must trial for each team separately.

    5. Are we allowed to be friends with members from the other divisions?
    Of course you are, we encourage it. The teams being separate is for competitive purposes only; we're still a community and all fairly easy to get along with.

    6. What do I do if a member from another division is being a royal cock-jockey?
    If you feel another member is causing trouble, contact the member's relevant game boss. The game bosses are:

    Cod4: Wolvey
    Cod2: Zombie
    AoE/Other Games: Any admin

    If you feel that after contacting the game boss that not enough has been done, contact Padre, Jiggle or myself to further your complaint.

    7. Speaking of which, who are these elusive bastards with admin rights?
    Padre is the founder of reQuiem (formerly known as SAS, ts, I'mWithA|). He's been around since the dawn of time and while being devilishly attractive, has little patience for morons, having dealt with more than his fair share. He runs this website and pays for the vent server you freeloaders clog up each night, so be nice and you won't find yourself globally muted upon logging in.

    Jiggle, Meister(Ginga) and myself are the three oldest surviving members from Judgement Day (see our article "Limey and SkyNet; A Modern Apocalypse"). We love you all very, very dearly, but will ban you in a second if you start causing trouble or giving us grief. We don't mind paying for the gaming and vent server if everyone is happy to treat each other with respect, but we aren't going to pay for anybody to come here and stir shit.

    8. So the Game Bosses aren't really in charge at all?
    The game bosses certainly have power over their respective games. They can recruit, discharge and organise their own team however they see fit. The three admins are all members of at least one team, but will not necessarily play in a scrim if the game boss thinks somebody else deserves the spot more. It is very rare for one of the admins to override a decision made by a game boss; we did pick them for a reason y'know.

    9. How do I go about becoming an admin/gameboss?
    First of all, DO NOT ASK. If you ask to be given these rights, you're more likely to ruin your chance to ever get them. Having said that, if you find a new game you think reQuiem would enjoy, you can ask for it to be included in our list of games and you will probably lead that division. However, there's little point to becoming the leader of a team if you aren't willing to put in the work and recruit members, organise matches and the like. Being a game boss only gives you power over your team, and if your team has zero members and doesn't play in matches, you'll more than likely find your game removed. Also, the current game bosses will not be replaced unless they need replacing. We are quite happy with the job Wolvey and Zombie are doing. If you think you could do a better job of something, suggest your idea or offer to help; don't start a mutiny.

    Becoming an admin is highly unlikely. All of the current admins have been around for a number of years, donated money to keep reQuiem alive and shown dedication in various ways. Once again do not ask.

    10. So there's no point in even trying to help?
    Far from it. The admins and game bosses appreciate any and all help that is offered. However, let the relevant game boss know; don't just go off doing things willy nilly. Chances are you'll be doing something that is already being done. Ask first and you'll be given your own little slice of responsibility and be well on your way to earning our trust. If you don't want to help in the organisation of reQuiem, that's fine too; it's not an expectation upon joining, most people don't and nobody will think any less of you for it.

    11. How active do I need to be?
    You're allowed to be as active in reQuiem as you like, whether that means being on every day or once a fortnight. However, bear in mind that those who are around more often are more likely to be chosen in scrims and the like, simply because we have a better idea of their capabilities. That isn't to say you'll be excluded - far from it - you just need to find the right level of activity for you.

    12. Isn't this a little serious for an online game? It's not real for God's sake.
    Once again, you can take your gaming life as seriously as you like. School, work, social activities and anything else in that category are more important than online gaming. Nobody in reQuiem will ever ask you to cut time out of your life to be here to scrim or participate; we are a community you can come to in your free time to have a good time; nothing more. However, when you are here we encourage a friendly competitive spirit; there's nothing wrong with trying to become better at a game you enjoy. As long as it is in moderation.

    13. I think we scrim too much/don't scrim enough, will this change?
    Our ladder matches are played at set times and are generally organised by the game boss a few days beforehand. If you want to/don't want to/can't play in a match, let us know beforehand and we'll organise around this. If you want to play in a ladder match, we'll try and make it happen, but as they are all 5v5, only five people can play at a time. Unfortunately, some people will miss out. We try our best to rotate members and keep things fair, but it all depends on who's on at the time and a number of other factors.

    Un-ranked scrims, on the other hand, can be organised by any member at any time. If we've got five willing members online, feel free to try and get a match against another clan. However:

    a) Don't organise a scrim if we don't have enough players online. You're only wasting your - and the other clan's - time. It's just courtesy.

    b) Don't try and organise a scrim within half an hour of a ladder match. Other team's don't appreciate it when you leave early. Once again, it's a courtesy thing. However, if there are five members online who aren't playing in the organised match, you can set up a friendly scrim with them. Still check beforehand though, as one of you may be called in as a substitute if someone in the organised match has to leave unexpectedly.

    So really, you can scrim as much or as little as you like. There's no pressure to play if you don't want to, but if you do, don't expect other people to always get the games for you.

    14. Who can I contact if I have any further questions?
    Once again, the admins and game bosses are reliable sources of information. If there are no admins online, any other member can usually help you with most questions. Admins can be contacted over vent, the forums or email.

    Thanks for reading, have fun everyone!

    (Written By Hobo)

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