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    Post  Nero's F on Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:45 pm

    Loving this shit:)

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    Post  Wolvey on Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:53 pm

    Good. See ya.

    Now lets look at the reasons why I did not wish to scrim with you any longer.

    Your attitude with regards to teammates in scrim. Firstly you don't bother showing up much, which is fine,its understandable if you have a life. But when I come home from work and have two or three people telling me they are never scrimming with you again because of your behaviour it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

    It is NOT cool to organise a scrim, then ditch your team forcing them to get a replacement, and then to come back halfway through just EXPECTING the replacement to leave and when they don't joining the server and going on the other team and team killing them.

    That is IMMATURE BEHAVIOUR. That is why I no longer wished to scrim with you, I wished to speak to you about it, but didn't see you on at the right time, but also noticed your attitude had changed significantly.

    My only guess is you have a problem with women being in charge. Your abusive language towards me when leaving (givin I was totally civil to you) suggests that.

    Also believe you were probably pissed that I dare tell karoshio what he needed to work on to scrim more in CG as you two are close. That's your deal, not mine.

    IF I was like Dog, I would have had you both kicked before now, I was giving you two chances to not cause shit. But you know, that does take a level of maturity to realise that acting like shitheads isn't appreciated. Although Karo only seemed to be more rude around yourself, you're a bad influence.

    It's hilarious that you make all these claims when you've hardly been in the same channel as me. The only bad thing I've done to you in vent is warn you to stop spamming me as I had a freakin war to attend. That is why I said I'd have you banned from vent, because what a surprised, you were being immature again.

    And I raged in a friendly scrim? Woop de do. Who doesn't when getting pwned whilst having a bad day?

    So have fun whereever you go. Don't bother acting the child and responding with rude abusive posts, they will be deleted - any well considered post shall remain - as I am nothing like Dog, that claim just made me lol.

    In case you didn't know, we left dog because he was unwilling to let us try things. I let the CoD4 guys try anything if they want it, so yeah. Thanks for your laughable unintelligent post.

    Have a nice day.

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    I'm Leaving.. Empty I'm Leaving..

    Post  Ner0 on Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:38 am

    Yep, I'm leaving..

    I don't know if she's on her period or some shit, but Wolvey,
    you have been acting like the biggest f#ck stick over the past month.
    You have been talking shit behind few of the members amongst this clan.
    You have said utter shit about me during "friendly" scrims.

    Whilst playing a three versus three head quarters inter-clan scrim,
    Wolvey was playing as Sniper on the opposite side to me.
    I was having a rather good round with my scope and was pulling
    a few fairly good shots.
    After the round, a little bird told me that you were absolutely raging
    at me because I out-skilled you for the match, you mentioned you
    wouldn't play in another scrim ever again if I was apart of it.

    I thought this was rather rude..

    Again during Ventrilo, you hopped on for a short amount of time,
    and yet again spoke shit about Karoshio and I behind our backs.
    Saying that if we don't stop our shit, you would have us both kicked
    out of the clan, and threatened to banish me off Ventrilo.

    You literally begged me to join ReQuiem gaming because I wanted to
    leave United We Stand clan as for Dog causing very similar shit as to yourself, Wolvey..

    You are a hypocrite, and you are blatantly doing what Dog had done
    which caused members of the community of -=UWS=- to resign.

    I have made my point, peace out.

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    I'm Leaving.. Empty Re: I'm Leaving..

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