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    Youtube!!! Empty Youtube!!!

    Post  sAMMy on Mon Jun 08, 2009 1:27 am

    Starting to really piss me off.. I have a massive list of proxys and can always find new proxys for school, I can get on to every site without any problems untill I hit Youtube.

    Everytime I get on to youtube I attempt to watch something and I either get 'It appears you have javascript turned off' Or when I click play I get this 'An error has occured, Please try again later'.

    Really starting to piss me off cause I use Youtube a lot. And I mean a lot!

    I need someone to help me get past those problems and then I can watch the videos. Anyone got any ideas?

    + Ive only ever found one Proxy that worked without fail untill it was blocked and Im not sure why this one worked and others didnt. If anyone can tell me why I would greatly apprectiate that.
    The proxy that worked was -

    Please help!

    Also does anyone know if you can run anything off your USB pen to get into restricted sites?

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